Niagara Falls Day Tours

What to Wear When Visiting Niagara Falls in Winter


Niagara Falls day tours can be cold during the winter and spring months, but that doesn’t mean that you should check this destination off your list!  Instead, you should embrace the beauty that the falls offer during this season and simply dress appropriately for a Niagara Falls sightseeing tour.

Since the temperatures can reach zero degrees Celsius or lower, you must be prepared when you arrive in Niagara Falls in winter and spring.  There will also be snow falling on most days during this season, so you should keep that in mind when making your clothing choices.

It is recommended that you dress in layers to stay warm when taking a Niagara Falls day tour.  This will allow you to take layers off when you are inside and put them back on when you are out in the elements.  We recommend thermals for your first layer, followed by regular clothes, a heavy sweater, and a jacket.

The looser the clothes, the more insulation they will provide and that will keep you warmer during your Niagara Falls day tour.  Plus, it is easier to move when your clothes are loose.  It is also recommended that you choose fabrics such as wool or silk, because they dry faster and wick away moisture, unlike cotton materials.

Warm boots are a necessity in Niagara Falls day tours in winter and spring.  They will keep your feet warm and prevent you from falling if you happen to be walking in areas with a lot of snow.  It is best if you choose boots that are water-resistant, especially if you are going to be down by the falls.  While the falls could be frozen at this time of the year, that doesn’t always happen, and you can get really wet when doing the Journey Behind the Falls tour.

Hats, gloves, and scarves will do an excellent job at keeping your extremities warm and out of the wind.  Due to the heavy winds that can whip around the falls and surrounding areas, you may want to tuck lip balm and lotion into your travel bag.

There are plenty of fun things to do when you are visiting Niagara Falls in the winter and spring, so do not let a little cold and snow get in your way of having an amazing time.  A quick call to Airlink Tours Niagara Falls Day Bus Tours will have you well on your way to experiencing a fabulous time in this part of Canada, thanks to their Niagara Falls day tours.  Simply choose the Niagara Falls bus tour package that fits your needs and make sure you dress appropriately, so you can see the sights without all the massive crowds.