5 Reasons to Visit Niagara Falls During Autumn

5 Reasons to Visit Niagara Falls During Autumn

One of the best things about a Niagara Falls bus tour is the fact that you can see the beauty of the area at any time of year. While it may seem as though the summer months are the ideal time to go, autumn provides some of the most dramatic views and experiences.

While summer is quickly drawing to a close, now is the perfect time to plan your upcoming Niagara Falls bus tour to experience all that the autumn season has to offer. We have taken the liberty of highlighting the top 5 reasons to visit Niagara Falls before winter.

Skylon Tower

During your Niagara Falls bus tour, you will be given the option to visit Skylon Tower’s observation deck in lieu of the Hornblower Boat Cruise. While Hornblower certainly offers its fair share of scenic foliage views, nothing compares to the birds-eye view offered by Skylon Towers.

True leafers will get their fill of the gorgeous foliage at the top of Skylon Tower. Goat Island, Dufferin Islands, the Rainbow Bridge, and both the US and Canadian sides of the Falls are visible from the 775-foot tower, and these are areas most notable for their incredible foliage during the autumn months.

Early Holiday Shopping

As summer draws to a close, the emphasis on holiday shopping begins in many areas of the world, and Niagara is no exception. During your time in the city of Niagara, as well as Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL), you will notice plenty of shopping opportunities. The cooler weather makes strolling along the streets more comfortable as you peruse the many souvenir shops and quaint boutiques along the way. Remember that your luxury Airlink bus provides space for your shopping bags, so enjoy the day as you shop for friends and family.

Niagara Parkway

Between the city of Niagara and NOTL lies the Niagara Parkway, one of the most scenic stretches of road in the world. The natural beauty of the landscape lines your journey year-round, and is exceptionally beautiful thanks to the stunning foliage along the way. Enjoy the dazzling colors as they pass by during your journey.


Another foliage hotspot is the Whirlpool, located in the Great Gorge north of the Falls. This naturally-occurring whirlpool is a result of the sheer power of the Falls and the uniquely narrow section of this area of the river. The whirlpool itself is a sight to be seen, and when set against the backdrop of Canada’s infamous foliage, the views are simply breathtaking.

Winery Harvest

One of the busiest times of year in the winery industry is during the fall harvest. But this shouldn’t deter you from scheduling a tour during your visit to NOTL. In fact, this is the best time to see the winery in action, and the staff truly enjoy sharing this part of the business with patrons. As grapes ripen, staff are hard at work harvesting, processing, and creating your favorite wines, so there is no better time to gain true insight into the wine-making process than autumn.

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