Getting Up Close and Personal With Niagara Falls

Getting Up Close and Personal With Niagara Falls

While standing on platforms above the infamous Niagara Falls is an unforgettable sight, there is truly no better way to experience this awe-inspiring natural phenomenon than to get up close and personal. To feel the rippling waves under your feet caused by the sheer power of falling water; to hear the roar of the water as it crashes to the rocks below; to see rainbows forming in the mist while it covers you and your party; there is simply no experience quite like a cruise to the Falls.

The Hornblower Boat Cruise is Canada’s only cruise to the Falls, providing an intimate experience with the power of Mother Nature. Whether you choose a day or evening trip, your Airlink Niagara Falls Bus Tour includes free admission to the Hornblower, dependent on seasonal availability. Below is our quick guide on your river cruise to help you prepare for your next great adventure.

Hornblower Boat Cruise Details

Skip the ticket booth and head over to the boarding area with your Airlink bus tour. Grab your complimentary, recyclable poncho as you climb aboard the 700-passenger catamaran. Don’t let the size of the crowds fool you, as the boat will circle prime areas to ensure all in attendance will see the Falls without interference.

Day trippers will enjoy the crystal clear waters and cooling mists as they form gorgeous rainbows that naturally highlight the beauty of the Falls. Some of the clearest photographs and videos can be captured during the day.

Don’t discount the nighttime tours, however. The Falls are lit up at night from behind, providing a more unique and artistic view of the Falls. Depending on the season and weather, evening fireworks will be on display and can be seen easily from the Hornblower and other areas around the Falls.

The Hornblower is a 20-minute cruise that runs seasonally beginning in mid-May and ending as deeply into November as weather permits. Those traveling with Airlink Niagara Falls Bus Tours during the Hornblower’s off-season will experience Journey Behind the Falls or Skylon Tower instead.

Fun Facts About The Falls

Your journey begins within Niagara’s Great Gorge, an area of the Niagara River formed from the sheer force of the Falls. Soon after boarding, you will edge closer to the two Falls on the New York side of the river: The American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. Both drop between 27.5 to 36.5 meters (90 and 120 feet), and together span 1,204 meters (3,950 feet) across.

The most famous of the three, however is the Horseshoe Falls (or Canadian Falls), located further south along your journey. Stretching a mind-boggling 51 meters (167 feet) high and 823 meters (2,700 feet) across, the Horseshoe Falls forms the deepest part of the Gorge at an additional 51 meters deep, essentially doubling its own size below the surface.

Together, the three Falls are the second largest in the world behind Africa’s Victoria Falls. Every minute, the equivalent of 70 Olympic-sized swimming pools, or 168,000 cubic meters (6 million cubic feet) crashes into the gorge at a speed of 40 kph (25 mph).

There truly is no better way to grasp the sheer size and force of the Falls than to be in the Gorge as the water plummets downward. It is a spiritual experience that should not be missed. Visit our website for more information on Airlink Day or Evening Bus Tours, and experience the magic of Niagara Falls for yourself.

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